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The Dale-y Word


Believe YourselfSince I have such a fondness and focus upon ‘words’, I have quite the spontaneous predilection for also making up my own words that in my humble opinion, are more user friendly.

Hence, the title of this week’s blog: Synchrodippity.
If you allow yourself a moment, you quickly realize that my word is a synthesized result of two words: synchronicity and serendipity. Because my experience has shown that the delicious quirks the Universe often provides have both elements operating at once.

Here are two examples from today:

1). In a conversation with someone, I found myself giving a hypothetical example and I suggested that he just figure out what items he would box up and take with him if he were to suddenly walk out the door and head to Aruba.  He smiled at me and pulled out his wallet and handed me a florin from Aruba that he had just found this week in his unpacking of some boxes.  I got goosebumps because I knew that my casual metaphor was not as casual as I had thought because I had no idea where I came up with the idea of moving to Aruba since I have no connection or interest in it and wouldn’t even know where to find it on a map!
2). Being in a jolly good mood on my way to Starbucks for some iced tea, I encountered traffic congestion.  Slowing down, I saw a woman just about to exit from the cleaners on Cerrillos so I slowed down and waved her to pull in front of me. She waved in appreciation and I muttered to myself: “Pay it forward.”  I smiled when I saw her license plate read, “Inspire.”  A few feet later, she slowed down to let someone else pull out of a commercial driveway and I smiled and again muttered to myself: “Pay it forward.”  And sure enough, that car did precisely that only a few feet ahead of him.  I knew this was a delightful opportunity to co-create and witness the synchrodippity of the Divine at work.

These types of occurrences happen more often than we usually, humanly allow ourselves to notice. Yet, when these coincidences happen, and we can make note of them to ourselves, we open the door for more cosmic delights.

Give yourself an invitation to witness and co-create your own examples of synchrodippity during this week and beyond.

Happy Fourth of July weekend.

Freely yours,

Rev. Duchess

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