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Spring Cleaning- April, 2017

27 Things blog picSELF-Spring Cleaning – April, 2017

(This is a follow-up to the Sunday talk on 4-9-17)

The onset of spring is a perfect opportunity to join with Mother Nature in releasing the old that no longer serves and embracing the greater fullness that wants to blossom in your life.

“To change skins, evolve into new cycles, I feel one has to learn to discard. If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects. They reflect one’s mind and the psyche of yesterday. I throw away what has no dynamic, living use.” ~Anais Nin

So, whether your desire is to clean up the clutter in your external world on in your own mind, here are some ideas and tips that might help motivate you into action:

(With a nod of appreciation for some of the tips from tidying expert and author, Marie Kondo)

  • Start with an easy area or the area that distracts you the most to begin releasing what no longer serves you. (Whether it’s junk from your closet or negative self-talk in your mind).
  • Give yourself a time limit. (Schedule a day & time to begin & perhaps even set a timer so you stay focused on your tasks.)
  • Only keep what is essential or beautiful. (Again, whether it’s an item in your closet or your thoughts.)
  • Enlist a friend to help you organize & release. (Meet with your best buddy to come over and help; or, if it’s internal, schedule a Practitioner session to get spiritual support).
  • Connect with your emotions. Pay attention to what comes up for you emotionally through this process. This will give you great insight to your healing & expression.

And now let’s combine these practical ideas with an ancient Feng Shui ritual that I apply at least, once a year:

Toss, release, and/or re-purpose at least 27 things, every day for nine days in a row.

Yes, you read that correctly.  27 things per day, for nine consecutive days.  Giving something away or recycling counts. (It doesn’t count if it already something you would typically recycle after using like a bottle of soda).  One other creative option that also gets the energy moving is to walk around your home or your office and consider moving an item to a new location where it will be seen afresh.  Often, we even get immune to the special photos that adorn our home because it has been in that space for so long.  Consider dusting it off, spending time with the memory it invokes and shifting it to a new location for renewed appreciation.

Don’t be too critical on yourself if you can’t quite get the 27 items.  This process is a good launch pad for the intention of clarity.  This exercise is to nudge you, not judge you.  In fact, even though I personally have been practicing this exercise for a few years, this year, I have not quite made the full 27 items each day.

Use this personal refresh as a time to get in touch with what you truly wish to be experiencing in your life; or what may be blocking your way. You might be surprised at how much fun this can be.

At the very least, it’s a good practice to reduce, reuse, recycle in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd.


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