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Less Fear = FearLess

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We have all heard diatribes and homilies about fear.  One of the more famous new thought definitions made popular by Terry Cole-Whittaker is F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.  These days, many of us feel threatened by the deluge of false appearances or true facts that is saturating the news.

From a recent online article by Mark Manson, “Trump is an effect, not a cause. You don’t get a major party nomination off your own merits; you get there because you’re able to represent and channel millions of people’s thoughts and feelings. ”  Being the ‘Cause’ and not the ‘Effect’ is pure Science of Mind and can apply to any of the recent candidates. Yes, he goes on to write a whole lot more but he really nails it for me in that opening sentence.  We talk a lot about cause vs. effect and I feel we metaphysicians really have to look at this election differently than most—and respond differently.

There is so much fear mongering going on –from both camps– that I have just had to stop watching or listening to any of it.  I can certainly justify getting all riled up when I hear some of the things that either candidate has said or done along the campaign trail.  I have even stopped reading most Facebook posts about either side or what blasphemous or possibly unethical thing either candidate may have done this week.

Arrogantly, I found myself feeling above all this by not reading or buying into the fear-shmear.  Until I asked myself some inner questions and realized that I was still responding from a subtle form of fear: I figured out that I was A). afraid to read the news or listen to any of the broadcast rhetoric; B). I was now afraid that if I didn’t respond (or vote) a certain way that I would have even more to fear later on.  Both these fears were now being laced with guilt from well-meaning folks and even good friends about how I should be listening to the speeches to stay informed; or reading all the editorials and articles to prove a candidate’s viability; or to prove a candidate’s incompetence.  Yikes, I am now responding negatively because of their negativity and fear.

Yes, there are some really awful things going on in the world today. As Mark Manson goes on to say, that is not new news. Violence and hatred have been going on for a long time. What is different is that now we have not only a gazillion news channels to “inform us” we have the Internet and Social Media that puts everything literally, into our hands and laps.

Ok, for me all this has to stop. One pragmatic reason is that the election is still three months away.  The continued mud-slinging (and worse) is only going to make us all crazy.  I am choosing to stop pandering to the non-stop, national and international fear campaign that only fuels more internal and personal fear.  With any anger, frustration and fear that emanates from me even by reading about impending Armaggedon, I am adding to it not healing or solving it.

Because of the way my mind works, it makes me think of the scene in the original film, “Ghostbusters” when the guys are trying to not think of anything so that the bad ghosts can be dissolved.  Suddenly, they hear this thunderous sound pounding the streets of New York and looming over the buildings is a very angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man turned monster coming for them.   Even the usually benign and friendly New York icon became the demon enemy because of the fearful thought process of the four  ghost busting guys.

I am not advocating that one should not be informed of news and events, I am advocating that we monitor how we respond to these events and commentaries.  Maybe you stop watching or reading the news right before you go to bed so that you don’t go to sleep carrying those frustrated feelings of fear, anger or hopelessness.  Every time I get angry at a candidate or an editorial and I begin to fall prey to those fears, whether my fear is obvious or hidden I am not only proving them to be right (Ewwww!) I am dis-empowering myself to make a change or find a different solution.
Gandhi said it best for me to be the change I want to see (and for me, feel) in the world, so I am going to choose and stay practiced as a trained and faithfull Religious Scientist, by knowing and affirming that there is always a higher order at work –even in current events and elections. Besides, real or cinematic marshmallows probably have a lot of high fructose corn syrup that I don’t want anyway. So if any of my friends want to call me a naive Pollyanna, so be it.  It won’t be the first time… and because I believe in my future, it won’t be the last.




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